July 2023 -

🧠 AIMI (Artificial Intelligence Motor Imagery): Unlocking the Power of the Mind with AI

AIMI is one of our recent projects, aimed at empowering individuals with disabilities to control physical systems, like prosthetic arms, using the power of their thoughts. The focus lies on the real-time classification of motor imagery signals through AI, enabling control over both virtual and physical systems.

🌐 The Model

Our current transformer-CNN fusion model which is trained on public EEG datasets has achieved an impressive 87% accuracy. Now, we are in the process of collecting our own data using our EEG headset to enable real-time classification while maintaining high accuracy rates.

🎮 First Demo (Coming Soon!)

You can soon witness a brain-computer interface implementation with AIMI’s first demo – controlling a classic game like Snake using your brain signals. Stay tuned for news and updates!