MIT Battlecode 2021

January 4th - January 30th 2021

Battlecode is MIT’s premier programming competition! It offers a unique challenge that combines game strategy, software engineering, and artificial intelligence.

This year’s version challenged us to create a smart strategy for a simulated political system on Mars, where influence and conviction of units decided the rule of the battlefield.

Out of 559 teams, team Viper scored 82nd place, while team M.A.R.S. (Ministry of Alien RattleSnakes) reached 88th place. With team Viper winning some matches against team M.A.R.S. during the competition, it was yet again, a thrilling event!

Team Viper

Bas, Pieter, Wolf, Viktor

Team Mars

Gijs, Dik, Max, Koen

Ministry of Alien RattleSnakes

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