Angry Birds Level Generation 5th

June 15th - August 27th 2020

Team Amaru1, consisting of five members from Serpentine, participated in the 2020 Angry Birds Level Generation competition. In this competition, which is part of the IEEE Conference on Games, teams create a bot that can generate levels for the Angry Birds video game. The generated levels had to be: enjoyable, aesthetically pleasing, and challenging. There was a prize for each of these three criteria. Team Amaru programmed a bot that has a small data set of existing structures such as a windmill, a pyramid, or a ship. The bot selected a few of these structures at random to generate levels. With this Amaru finished in first place in the challenge category!

Team Amaru1

Wolf van der Hert, Bram Grooten, Thomas Molier, Jelle van Kerkvoorde, Tunahan Sari

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